Hvar sel ég vörur mínar? March 18, 2014 22:09

Ég sel hér á þessari vefsíðu sem og á vinnustofu minni í vesturbæ Kópavogs. Diskamottur Errós fást í safnaverslun Listasafns Reykjavíkur við Tryggvagötu. 


Hello you all out there and WELCOME to my new webpage. Please go to About page and read about me and very soon I will write my first blog. I will write once to twice a month about my daily life in Iceland as a designer, wife and mom. As well I will write about the story behind each project - yes - they all have their stories, just like us :) - and as well I will tell you some insider tips and secrets about Iceland, I'm not just a graphic and product designer but also a graduated Tourist Guide. You are more than welcome to send me a line if you have questions about Iceland and I will try my best. And not a least it would truly give me joy if you like my designs.

 - But creating, taking photos, writing all the text has been so much work that I didn't give my self time to write a good blog. But soon I will so stay tuned :) - you can follow me on Facebook or subscribe for my newsletter so you will get a notice about my latest blog.

Love and Peace until next,
yours truly,