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Text in English

Dear YOU 

How wonderful of you stopping by at my web store - I'm thrilled!
Don't despair and think you have to learn Icelandic before reading about me and my design! -  the English text is always BELOW the Icelandic one 😊

I do ship almost worldwide - and if you feel confused or have questions about purchasing I would LOVE hearing from you - just pop me a line at cooldesign@cooldesign.is or give me a ring +354 699-1179

AND... If you are in Iceland you are more than welcome to come by my studio located at Huldubraut 30, 200 Kopavogur - just 10 minutes or so from down town Reykjavik.
I can promise you that you will be thrilled as well surprised coming by.... 😉

Best Regards,... or in Icelandic: Bestu kveðjur